At Archbishop Temple Church of England High School pupils have the opportunity to take part in a wide variety of extracurricular activities including educational workshops, subject led visits, leading whole school worship and taster days at colleges. Many of these activities are subject specific, giving high achievers a chance to excel in their understanding as well experience in a college environment. 

A significant event is the workshop offered to our G&T pupils through the Oxbridge preparation day. This is a chance for students to try interview questions and develop the skills necessary for success at a top universities.

We have great links with the local community as our pupils frequently plan, prepare and lead learning in local primary schools. Able, gifted and talented pupils lead worship in our feeder primary schools focusing on themes such as Remembrance in November. Pupils are always very positive about the experience with many saying they found it rewarding, and this serves to inspire other pupils within our school, in addition to the positive responses from the primary schools themselves.

Many local colleges hold competitions for able pupils, a team is sent annually to take on the ‘maths challenge’ and ‘intellecata cup’ as well as various other challenges throughout the year. Other competitions are run within the school and are open to all.