Our vision is a school where all pupils have access to mobile technologies all of the time to support learning. The iPad is an additional part of our existing teaching toolkit. Our teachers are constantly working with iPads to research and trial the latest developments in this new technology to ensure that this exciting development in our teaching style has a real and quantifiable benefit to the learning experience and achievements of our pupils.

All year 7 - 11 pupils bring iPads to every lesson and these are used in varying ways. We have a strict code of conduct for use within a lesson and teachers can use this technology in many different ways. In some lessons the iPad is used with interactive game software that allows pupils to compete against their peers and test their understanding at the start or end of a lesson and the results provide instantaneous progress feedback to their teachers. In other lessons they are a means of researching information or accessing online textbooks and activities. Some days pupils will use their iPads and the apps we provide to work creatively with multi-media on an individual or group project. Our departments are constantly experimenting with new ways to integrate their use into the classroom experience, whilst equally remaining committed to more traditional teaching. 

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)

If you would like to bring your own device in, it does need to be an iPad not an Android (Amazon Fire), or Windows Tablet.  Ideally it should be a device that runs at minimum iOS 15.  This should be from the iPad Mini 2 upwards.  Any devices running lower than this cannot be used with Apple Classroom to monitor the device while in class, and may not install the required apps that are needed.

For more information on the scheme, please contact Mrs H McLean – Head of IT Services.


What is covered by the iPad insurance? 

Only the iPad itself is covered, the Lightning Cable (charging cable), USB power brick, iPad case and the screen protector are not covered, these are classed as accessories and will deteriorate with normal wear and tear.  Should you wish to purchase replacement items, we have provided some links below (including the Smile details) and the schools Amazon Smile Donations link.  smile.amazon.co.uk/ch/1172277-0 , or you can search Amazon for the products.

For the 5th/6th Generation iPads 9.7” Screen Protectors click here (Pupils' email addresses start with 18, 19)

For the 8th Generation iPads 10.2 Screen Protectors click here (Pupils' email addresses should start with 20, 21,22)

For the Lightning Cable click here

For the USB Dual Power Brick click here

If the links do not work, please search for the items.

The requirements for the insurance are that the case and screen protector at the time of the original order are to be used at all time.  If you want to change the case to a different type you would need to check with the insurance company to check that the new cases meets the requirements for the insurance.

To do this we need to identify if it is just the screen protector that is damaged or the iPad underneath that is damaged.  These can be peeled off to see the screen.  If it is the screen protector, these can be purchased by Parent/Guardian’s by either using the above links or searching for the type of ‘iPad 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th, 10th gen screen protector’ on your website of choice. 

If the screen is damaged then it will need to be processed via the claims company by Parent/Guardian within 30 days of the iPad being damaged.  

iPad claims

To raise a claim, please email mark.houghton@archbishoptemple.com, so the correct information can passed along to the person raising the claim directly.  If you have raised a claim before, please follow this as the correct way to log a claim.  We have a number of Insurance Policies and the process is a little different for each year group, and we want to ensure the claim goes through promptly.

Once the claim has been raised, the iPad will be collected from school and a temporary iPad can be sorted if required.  If you can include the pupil's name and year group within the email.  If needed you can arrange to have the device collected from school, we need to be made aware and we can collect it from the pupil.  Once the device is returned, the temporary iPad can be given back.  The iPad is to stay in school as the student will be assigned a locker on Room 13 to collect and return each day.


iPad for Learning

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Use parental controls on your child's iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch - Apple Support.