We have three official suppliers, Monkhouse, Bang Bang and Smart Clothing. All three companies have been in close communication with the school and are stocking our approved uniform. 

Please remember that for general reasons of safety and security NO JEWELLERY OF ANY KIND (e.g. rings, necklaces, ear-rings, ear-studs etc.) may be worn by either boys or girls, nor should items of jewellery be brought to school. Only a watch is permissible.

Hair must be tidy and of a reasonable length. Excessively tinted or dyed hair is not allowed nor hair with patterned lines cut into it.

Nail varnish and make up
Nail varnish is not allowed. Year 11 girls only may wear make-up that is discreet.

Our school PTA sells range of freshly laundered, good quality items of school uniform.

Please see the Preloved School Uniform page

You can find details of the school uniform policy in the document below.