Staff List 2023- 2024


Mr I Catlow 

Deputy Headteacher

Mrs L Dudaniec (Quality of Education)

Senior Leadership Team

Mr I Baybutt Assistant Headteacher (Quality of Education)
Mrs J Banner Assistant Headteacher (Behaviour & Attitudes)
Mrs M Shaw Assistant Headteacher (SENDCO)
Vacancy School Business Manager




Mr J Alston Mathematics
Miss C Barker Assistant SENDCO / Design and Technology 
Miss G Bevins English 
Ms J Booth Modern Foreign Languages
Ms E Bridge* Food & Nutrition
Mrs K Bridges

Deputy DSL / Mental Health Wellbeing Lead / Mathematics

Mrs S Costigan* Science
Mrs V Coxon* Mathematics
Miss A Donnelly English / Drama
Mrs J Drake* Science 
Mrs G Fawcett Second in RE / PSHE
Mr A Gray Head of CEIAG / PE
Miss R Hall Curriculum Lead for RE / PSHE
Mr D Hewitt Second in Mathematics
Mrs L Jimenez Curriculum Lead for Modern Foreign Languages
Miss E Keel Head of Year 9 / Science
Miss A Lewis PE
Mr R McGee Curriculum Lead for Science / Physics
Mr P McKenna English (Supply)
Mrs H McLean Deputy DSL / Head of ICT & Computing
Miss B Murphy English
Ms H Murphy Curriculum Lead for Art
Mrs L Ogden RE
Mr S O’Leary Curriculum Lead for Mathematics
Ms J O'Malley Second in English
Mrs R Parkinson Head of Year 7 / Geography
Ms R Parkinson* Technology
Miss S Porter Head of Year 11 / History
Mr J Ranson Mathematics
Mrs N Roden* Mathematics
Miss J Sherwood Curriculum Lead for Performing Arts
Mrs J Steel English
Mrs G Storey Second in Science / Biology / Physics
Mr S Stringfellow Curriculum Lead for English
Mr D Taberner Curriculum Lead for PE
Mr G Taylor Curriculum Lead for Technology
Mrs S Thompson* Second in Humanities / Geography
Miss L Walsh Biology
Miss V Walsh Curriculum Lead for Humanities / History
Mrs N Ward* Languages
Mrs E Woods* PE
Miss E Zanesi Modern Foreign Languages (ECT)

* Indicates part-time teaching staff

Support Staff:   
Mrs C Simpson Head’s PA / Office Manager
Mrs J Brennan School Business Support Officer
Mrs L Brown Marketing and PR Officer
Mrs J Bury Exams, Data & Assessment Officer
Mr T Haslam Behaviour Manager
Mr C Houldgreaves Attendance and Reprographics Officer
Mrs D Martin Pupil Support Worker
Mrs J Rigg Librarian 
Mrs C Robinson Receptionist 
Mrs J Turner Deputy School Business Manager
Teaching Assistants:  
Ms K Hall Higher Level Teaching Assistant
Mrs E Mallett Teaching Assistant
Ms R Porter Teaching Assistant
Mrs I Rodriguez Language Support Assistant
Ms C Shorrock Teaching Assistant
Mrs T Young SENCO Assistant / TA
Cover Team:  
Mr P Charlton* Cover Manager
Mr A Fisher Cover Supervisor
Mrs S Earle Catering Manager
Mrs J Atchia Catering Assistant
Mr E Bentley-Mills Catering Assistant
Mrs H Bradshaw Catering Assistant
Mrs P Chohan Catering Assistant
Mr S Ruks Catering Assistant
Miss S Shields Catering Assistant
Mrs M Szczeblewska Catering Assistant
Mrs A Williams Catering Assistant
Mr J Futter Science
Mrs C Pratt Technology
ICT Network  
Mr M Houghton ICT Network Manager
Mr H Long ICT Technician