Who are the Pupil Wellbeing Ambassadors?

We have approximately 20 Wellbeing Ambassadors in school who give up their lunchtimes in order to offer advice and support on any issues that other pupils are concerned about. This service allows pupils to speak directly to Ambassadors members about any worries or problems regarding friends, school or home. No issue is considered too small or unworthy of their help and every pupil is treated with respect and compassion. Due to the fact that the pupil Wellbeing Ambassadors are a similar age, many pupils find it easier and less intimidating to speak to them, rather than speaking to an adult and therefore the Wellbeing Ambassadors are a valuable service within school.

Pupil Wellbeing Ambassadors are available for pupils to talk to us every lunchtime on the yard and for drop in in Mrs Bridges' room on a Tuesday. Anything said to the Wellbeing Ambassadors is confidential, although if they do feel that anything needs to be passed on to an adult the pupil will be notified beforehand.

They have all been given training on how to support anyone that seeks their advice and are committed to their role. If you have any worries or concerns, please don’t hesitate to ask for support as they are all more than happy to help and will try their very best to solve your problem.