At Archbishop Temple we have an inclusive approach to Gifted and Talented. G&T is recognised as a specific education need and appropriately differentiated for. This ensures all children are challenged and the ethos of attainment is maintained. G&T enrichment activities are open to all who work hard.

A Gifted student is one who has abilities in one or more subjects in the statutory school curriculum other than art, music and PE. A Talented student is one who has ability in art, music, sport, performing arts or drama. 

Our Gifted students, once identified, are encouraged to take the lead during discussions or debates. They are often given an extension task or a problem to solve. Talented students are encouraged to play lead parts in productions or concerts and will assist with displays and scene design.

If a student's talent is in PE they encouraged to take part in the many tournaments and competitions that take place throughout the year.

Students are also invited to take part in enrichment activities and visits. Some of these are aimed at preparing students for future careers or university, others are simply to provide a challenge and reward their hard work.