We were delighted to welcome the BAE Systems, Royal Air Force and Royal Navy Roadshow into school today. Matt, Fran and Ellie, from the roadshow team delivered an engaging workshop to our pupils in years 7 and 8.

The roadshow theme was ‘From the depths of the oceans to outer space’. The team examined the engineering challenges that are faced when travelling to the most inhospitable places and discover some of the innovative solutions to these problems.

Beginning with a short video, the team dived straight in looking at the role of engineers in building some of the most robust vehicles on earth. First of all, they looked at the challenges faced by engineers designing and building submarines. Submarines can operate 500 metres below the surface of the sea, so they need to withstand incredible pressure and low temperatures. The presentation talked about submarines built close by in Barrow by BAE Systems for the Royal Navy, then it was time for pupils to get involved with the communication skills challenge!

Next up, the roadshow team explored travelling on top of water, talking about the Queen Elizabeth aircraft carrier which was built by BAE Systems, commissioned by the Royal Navy and carries and acts as a launch pad for F35 fast jets flown by Royal Air Force and Royal Navy pilots. Pupils had the opportunity to find out about the role of engineers in building jets, aircraft carriers, land vehicles and satellites before learning more about the roadshow’s sponsors.

Finally, the roadshow team took pupils into space. It was fascinating to learn about the layers in the Earth’s atmosphere and how rocket engines work. The team outlined a specially prepared mnemonic to help pupils remember the order of planets in the solar system, before it was time for the next fun challenge; two pupils were challenged with ordering the planets in the solar system using the mnemonic against the clock! The year 7 team beat the year 8 team by seconds!

After exploring space tourism and the concept of living and working on Mars, it was time for the final communication skills challenge. Whilst wearing a space helmet and gloves, one pupil had to construct a satellite dish whilst another pupil gave instruction.

The team rounded off the fun, fact filled learning experience by inflating a giant sun, as pupils found out how many times the earth could fit inside the sun.

Thank you to Matt, Fran and Ellie for coming into school today and inspiring future engineers!

Find out more about work experience opportunities at BAE Systems at www.baesystems.com/workexperience, find out more about opportunities with the RAF at https://recruitment.raf.mod.uk/ and find out more about roles within the Royal Navy at https://www.royalnavy.mod.uk/

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