Pupils from years 7 and 8 had the opportunity to enjoy a creative Chinese calligraphy workshop delivered by staff from the University of Central Lancashire yesterday. Chinese calligraphy is the writing of Chinese characters as an art form and is widely practised across China.

Pupils learned about the special brush pen, used to create calligraphy, as well as learning about Chinese ink and the traditional painting papers used in this art form. 

They were taught how to hold the brush pen and the different ways to create beautiful Chinese characters. They used the tip of the brush, turned the direction of the brush on the paper, used the side of the brush and then created a line, leaving a tip. 

During this peaceful workshop they mastered how to use the brush to create beautiful artwork featuring pandas and bamboo, as well as learning the Chinese language. 

Thank you to the staff from UCLan for coming into school and delivering the workshop. Thank you to the Modern Foreign Languages Department at Archbishop Temple for organising the workshop. Everyone really enjoyed it. We look forward to welcoming staff back into school in September for special Chinese language and culture club.