I am delighted to inform you that our school is taking part in the ‘Digital Healthy Schools Programme’, an initiative designed to educate our students on responsibly using mobile technology to help them manage their health. As you know, our country is facing big challenges to the healthcare system. Yet, many of the long term illnesses that impact so many lives and cost so much to treat are entirely preventable. It has been shown by healthcare professionals that mobile technology is an effective way for patients to manage their conditions and for people to maintain and improve their health. Despite this, mobile health, which can include everything from step counters and stress busting apps to personal diabetes monitoring and skin cancer diagnosis tools, is a relatively unknown area for many people. It requires more awareness, and we need more help navigating the options available. This programme provides an unmatched education in mobile health. Your son/daughter will be made well aware of how they can use mobile health solutions for the benefit of themselves, their friends and their families. Teaching them how to find the best and, importantly, safest apps available to them. In the next few weeks, your child will be introduced to the programme and learn about many aspects of mobile health. Please ask them about this programme and visit the site at www.digitalhealthyschools.co.uk - you too can benefit from what they are learning!

Mrs Bridges (Assistant Director of Pupils).