We were delighted to welcome Imam Amjad to school on Tuesday 29th March 2022. Imam Amjad talked to all of our pupils in year 8 about the importance and meaning of Ramadan. 

Pupils were invited to think of a time when they had overcome a challenge. Imam Amjad then went on to talk about fasting for Ramadan and the importance of worship during this time. Imam Amjad explained that it is not only in the Muslim faith that fasting is observed, it happens in many other faiths too. Pupils were invited to think about what happens when you are hungry and don't have access to food. We thought about people less fortunate than ourselves, children who Imam Amjad had met in Gambia who only ate one meal a day. 

To support our Muslim pupils as they embark on their journey during Ramadan, and to develop a deeper understanding and compassion for people who don't have food or clean drinking water, the RE department and Mrs Rigg, our school librarian, have organised an optional sponsored fast. On 27th April, pupils in year 8 may abstain from food and drink - although they may choose to have some water. All the sponsorship money raised will be donated to the Red Cross, an organisation that works tirelessly to support people in need. On the day, a space will be provided for pupils who are taking part to go where they can take part in activities to support them during the day. At the end of the day everyone taking part will come together to receive some treats for when they break the fast. 

The choice, whether or not to take part, is entirely up to the individual and their parent/carer.