At Archbishop Temple School we endeavour to recognise, develop and maximise the intellectual, moral, social, physical, aesthetic and spiritual potential of all involved with the school. We educate all pupils in accordance with the requirements of the National Curriculum, whilst preparing pupils for the world of work, and for life in the community beyond school. All pupils are challenged at our school, we adopt and encourage a “can do” culture where children are presented with stimuli all the time. Our over-riding aim is to ensure that all children realise their full potential. One of the ways in which we encourage this is through our setting system in most subjects, where pupils are taught in groups according to academic ability. The banding and setting of every individual is undertaken efficiently and in the best interests of the pupils using quantitative and qualitative data alongside the professional judgement of teachers. On-going monitoring of pupil performance using robust tracking systems underpins the accuracy of banding and setting procedures, whilst regular reviews of pupil placement are essential in recognising the changing rates at which pupils progress and ensuring that students are placed in teaching groups which best match their abilities and reflect their current progress. Able pupils are pushed hard to achieve very high standards and children with specific learning difficulties are given extra learning support to remove any barriers to learning.

Banding and Setting Policy