The Archbishop Temple GCSE music trip was a once in a lifetime experience. It was truly an honour to see our set work in person, instead of just looking at a screen and taking notes. Compared to that, this trip was the only way to truly appreciate the wonderfully composed work of Stephen Schwartz. Though the acting was incredible the true stars of the show were the orchestra, who performed amazing piece after piece throughout the performance. For some of you who are unaware, the pit orchestra in Wicked is unusually large, containing a variety of instruments; such as trombones, drums, bassoon and our personal favourite, the electronic piano. On top of that this trip was made even better with a wonderful stop off at Covent Garden, where we immediately started indulging in the sights and vast culture of London. We went to a lovely noodle place for lunch but there were many food stalls and places to eat in the main market. Though Covent Garden was built in 1630, the place is still bustling and full of life.  

The Wicked performance is based on the time old classic the Wizard of Oz, where we follow the story of the wicked witch and have our eyes opened to what really went on behind the scenes. With a worthwhile story, a life-changing musical score and an amazing atmosphere, forget defying gravity Wicked truly defied all expectations!

Nathanael and Dylan, year 10