1 November 2021

Look at this beautiful artwork on display in our school reception. It was created by pupils in year 9 art classes. 

"The project is inspired by the work of young successful US artist Abby Diamond, who typically works in a combination of pen and watercolour," said Ms. Markham, Head of Art. "She is fascinated with small creatures such as insects and birds, although she also depicts larger creatures, focusing on head-only images."

"Whilst her shapes tend to be fairly accurate, she has more of a freehand, creative approach to her use of mark-making and colour. The year 9 classes have been learning from her approach, layering biro and areas of intense colour to contrast with areas left deliberately light, using their own choice of image. Some have based their work on photos of their own pets. They have produced some particularly colourful and striking pieces of work."