29 September 2021

On Sunday 3rd October 2021, our school chaplain Andy Barnett will be running his first London Marathon to raise money for Action for M.E.

“I have always enjoyed playing sport for as long as I can remember,” said Chaplain Andy. “Particularly rugby where I spent most of my playing days at Preston Grasshoppers. Running was always something I enjoyed which helped me to stay fit and healthy and I loved to do a bit of athletics during the summer. Recently I picked up running again in March 2020. It has been my main hobby during the pandemic.”

“I applied for the London Marathon at the beginning of April and was already doing quite a bit of running. I got a bit more focussed with a 16 week training programme taking me up to the day.”

“I’m really looking forward to it and have heard from other staff members how enjoyable it is. The furthest I have run in the past has been 10 miles. I’m excited, a bit nervous and also trying to remember all the bits and bobs I need to get ready. Getting across London to get to the start line for 9.40am will probably be as much of a challenge as the run but as soon as I get there, I’m sure it will be great.  My answer may be slightly different if you ask me again at 20 miles!”

“I’m raising money to support Action for M.E. help to support and raise awareness for people with M.E. M.E. impacts people in different ways but it often causes debilitating pain and fatigue. Having seen the affect, it can have on people I instantly wanted to support them and the amazing work they do.”