21 April 2021

We are taking part in a study (SIS) to monitor infection and transmission of coronavirus (COVID-19) in a sample of primary and secondary schools.

The Schools Infection Survey team would like to find out how many school pupils and staff have COVID-19 infection, how many have already developed antibodies against the virus and how this changes over the course of the year. The information they collect will help inform policies to protect school pupils and staff.

The study is being conducted by Public Health England in partnership with the Office for National Statistics, and the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, working with the Department for Education and is funded by the Department for Health and Social Care. IQVIA, a healthcare company, is also supporting the study.

What does the study involve?

If you would like your child to take part, please complete a consent form and a short questionnaire about each of your children invited and all other household members. (See the letter below to find out how to do this). Once this is completed, your child will be enrolled into the study. The study workers will visit your child’s school once every half term of the current school year to collect a nasal swab and an oral fluid (saliva) sample to test for the virus and antibodies against the virus.

The study is voluntary, your child does not have to take part and you can withdraw from any round of testing without giving a reason.

For further information watch this short 4 minute video presented by James Hargreaves SIS co-chief investigator. The video explains why the survey is being carried out, why it is important and what it involves. The letter below contains further information and details about how you can give consent and complete the short questionnaire. 

Archbishop Temple School School Infection Survey Letter & Sign Up Guide