6 March 2019

Lent is a fantastic opportunity to think about how you live your life. This year, as a school, we want to do lent generously. We are inviting pupils to take the 40acts generosity challenge. Once signed up, on each day of lent 40acts will send through a challenge to do by email. It will be challenges that encourage pupils to show kindness and generosity to those around them. Lent begins on 6th March 2019 and Joe Houghton, Chaplain, has asked that pupils take a look at the 40acts website and sign up, as an individual, if they are interested. He said that if they do sign up, they could think about documenting how the challenge goes on the website's blog and describing what they learned from the experience. This is an optional task but rewarding if pupils give it a go.

As a whole school will we be doing 4acts. During form worship we will take a break from Noble Doughnut to focus on a different act of kindness and generosity that each form will be encouraged to undertake.