On Thursday 23rd November 2017 we were delighted to welcome Year 5 pupils from Broughton CE Primary School to Archbishop Temple School. 

The children took part in an art and a music workshop, in preparation for an Autumn Concert in the evening. They spent the morning with Mr Trevor Bartlett, Percussion Teacher, creating captivating samba rhythms and marching beats. The children also took part in a relaxing art workshop with Mrs A. Smith, Technology Teacher, making and creating a colourful Christmas bauble decoration and decorating an outline of their hand with watercolour pencils. Mrs Smith combined the hands to make a beautiful flower head, which will go on display in the children's classroom.

In the evening everyone took part in Archbishop Temple's Autumn Concert. The concert included perfomances by Broughton Primary School Choir, our Percussion Ensemble, Junior Jazz, Temple Saxes, Rockband and ATS8. The pupils from Broughton Primary School also had the opportunity to show off the beats and rhythms that they had learned during the day with a percussion performance. 

It was a pleasure to work with the pupils from Broughton CE Primary School, they were all impeccably behaved. Many thanks to everyone involved!