We love a bit of healthy competition here at Archbishop Temple School. Throughout the school year the PE Department hold a variety of fun, challenging and competitive Interhouse Sports Events. They are a chance for pupils from each of the school's four Houses, Canterbury, Durham, Winchester and York to compete against each other and earn points for their House. At the end of each school year the Interhouse Assault Course takes place. Here are the results from the end of the summer term.


Year 7 Year 8 Year 9 Year 10
1st Canterbury 1st York 1st Durham 1st Canterbury
2nd York 2nd Durham 2nd Canterbury 2nd York
3rd Durham 3rd Winchester 3rd York 3rd Durham
4th Winchester 4th Canterbury 4th Winchester 4th Winchester


The next Interhouse event will be cross country on Thursday 14th September at lunchtime. Every pupil who competes will receive a House Point and the winning team will receive 100 House points! Teachers as well as pupils are invited to join in, let's see who dons their House t shirt and completes a lap!