What glorious weather for Sports Day! Pupils, teachers and support staff donned their House t-shirts and spent the morning track side to cheer on their House.

The results were as follows;

Year 7 Girls—Canterbury

Year 7 Boys—York

Year 8 Girls—York

Year 8 Boys—York

Year 9 Girls—Canterbury

Year 9 Boys—York

Year 10 Girls—Canterbury

Year 10 Boys—Winchester

Well done to York, who came out top with some brilliant sporting performances. Thanks to the sports captains, who were fantastic, and thanks to all staff who assisted on the day.

No records were broken during Sports Day, however Maddie Murray, Year 9, broke the school record for the high jump this year. She jumped 1.48m, beating the record (set in 2014) by 3cm. 

Isaac Mabaya, Year 7, also broke the school record for the 400m. He ran it in 66s beating the current record set in 2007 by a whopping 3 seconds. A future Olympian in the making perhaps!