CPR Training at ATS

To mark ‘National Restart a Heart Day’, run by the British Heart Foundation, a group of pupils from across all years attended a training session after school on Tues 18th October 2016. The group, using resources supplied by BHF, learnt how to administer CPR by following a video and having a go on their own manikin. The noise of clicks filled the hall as pupils realised how hard they would have to push in order give meaningful CPR. They also moved on to how to deliver rescue breaths, although it took a bit of practice, everyone managed to get the manikin breathing, despite almost strangling the ‘casualty’ at times!

Every member of the group worked with effort and enthusiasm and Mrs Knight, Mrs Player and Madame Bergon all feel confident that if they collapsed in school this team of pupils would rush to their rescue! The team will continue their training and then Mrs Knight hopes to roll it out to many more pupils across school with the first group of pupils leading the training. It was a useful and enjoyable session and pupils left feeling empowered. Keep an eye out on the website for when the next training session will be held. All pupils are welcome to attend!