Wolves and freedom are at the heart of this thrilling tale.  Feodora and her mother live in the snowy woods of Russia.  Feo is following her mother’s steps: her goal is to become a Wolf Wilder.  A wolf wilder is the opposite of a tamer; they teach tame animals to fend and live for themselves and, most importantly, to be cautious of humans.  When the Russian army threatens the mother and daughter, the two of them are left with no choice but to escape.

Fans of historical fiction will surely enjoy this brilliant read.  Rundell has created a mesmerising story that instantly grabs you by the scruff and never lets go.  The unbreakable bonds between Feodora and the wolf pack show that some things are worth standing up for.

Overall, the story literally transports the reader into another world and, as Jacqueline Wilson comments,  “The Wolf Wilder has everything: it’s truly a compelling read.  It’s beautifully written.”

Reviewed by Aamna Lari