Pupils at Archbishop Temple Church of England High School are given an excellent start as far as academic achievement is concerned, but for our young people we are only one step along a pathway of lifelong learning. The opportunity to develop skills to make informed decisions about their future is crucial to ensuring that our pupils fulfil their potential. To this end we make provision for pupils to gain independent and impartial careers guidance.

As early as Year 8 we introduce the concept of post 16 choices through events such as EXPO, a careers exhibition involving local employers and training providers. We build on this in Year 9 with further experiences for pupils at local colleges so that they make the vital link between GCSE option choices and their future career pathway. During Year 10 and 11 there are further opportunities  for the pupils to experience the range of provision available from post 16 providers and training organisations within Lancashire. This is achieved through visits to local colleges, visits by speakers to assemblies and workshops that run throughout crucial times of year when pupils may want to build on and clarify the information they have gathered. In addition, pupils and parents have access to Lancashire Interactive, a comprehensive careers package which can be accessed remotely.

Useful contacts and websites for further information:

Useful Careers Guide for Parents and Carers

Years 9-11

The Apprenticeship Guide
A fantastic online guide to allow young people from Years 7 -11 to raise their awareness of the varied apprenticeships on offer linked to their curriculum subjects in school.

Start with the 'what can I do with my degree'? link. Lots of other key links to raise awareness of how to use your AS/A levels following college.

Rate My Apprenticeship
An excellent online resource to find out more about the specialist of employers and the different levels of apprenticeships that they deliver, gap years, and sponsored degrees. Sign up for their free newsletter.

Russell Group 
Lots of quality advice & information on what universities are looking for from young people taking certain AS/ A levels subjects.

A wide list of prospectuses for Lancashire, lists every course in every college in Lancashire. It is also an excellent link to find out more about life at university and the world of higher education. Click on some of the boxes of the main home page

Unsure What Career

Years 10 & 11

Barclays Life Skills

An excellent online web link which allows young people to find out more about the world of work and the essential need for employability skills for the modern workplace. Click on the ‘young people’ link and create a free account.


Year 11

The following companies will be offering apprenticeship opportunities related to Maths, Science, Engineering, Technology, IT and Business.

BAE Systems


Electricity North West:

For school leaver apprenticeship vacancies visit:


National Grid

Apprenticeship vacancies visit: https://www.nationalgrid.com/careers

National Nuclear Laboratory


Training 2000: 




For an extensive list of current employer apprenticeship vacancies access: www.apprenticeships.gov.uk to create a free account on line.

There is also, a list of companies who are currently advertising their vacancies to year 11 pupils. Please access the links to look on line at the application process and type of engineering apprenticeships offered.

Find an apprenticeship
National database of employer apprenticeships for year 11 pupils. Create a free account and find out about employer vacancies.

For support with an interview please access: www.practiceaptitudetests.com. Please click on free tests links only! You can try numerical, verbal, diagrammatic and situational tests which are timed. It would be worth spending some time getting familiar with the web site and links first.

There is a Careers Noticeboard in the school library. There is also a selection of useful careers books and literature available to read. Shamim Khan, an Independent Careers Advisor, is also available to give careers advice to pupils. Mrs Khan is available every Monday via email s.khan@archbishoptemple.com 


Other useful websites

Lancashire Skills Hub Evidence Base https://www.lancashireskillshub.co.uk/our-people/evidence-base/

National Careers Service : https://nationalcareers.service.gov.uk/

All About Careers : https://www.allaboutcareers.com/

Student Ladder : https://www.studentladder.co.uk/                   

Success at Schools : https://successatschool.org/careerzones

icould https://icould.com/

Health/Science Related Careers:  https://www.healthcareers.nhs.uk/

The Practice Reasoning Tests website has published guides and techniques for students in dealing with job interviews and internships:




How to become a property manager


'How to become an accountant' - https://www.dolanaccountancy.com/resource/how-to-become-an-accountant/

  • Covers the needed skills, qualifications and experience, how these can be attained, and what to expect as a trainee accountant.

'How to become a construction manager' - https://www.hertstools.co.uk/how-to-become-a-construction-manager/

  • Outlines the responsibilities of a construction manager, required qualifications and skills, average salary and career progression opportunities.





Guide to apprenticeships and training providers in Lancashire : https://www.lancsforum.co.uk/




The Russell Group :  https://russellgroup.ac.uk/about/our-universities/

Student Finance : www.gov.uk/student-finance


Labour Market Information

Labour Market for All  : https://www.lmiforall.org.uk/