14 March 2022

Over the last few months, myself, and twelve other pupils from across key stage 3 have been reading and studying a collection of science books for the Young People’s Book Prize, voting for our favourites.

On the 8th of March, we got together to watch the awards ceremony. It started at 12.30pm, and was live on YouTube. The host of this ceremony was Lindsey Russell, a well-known Blue Peter presenter, who has previously hosted this event. 500 schools from all around the country participated in the event. All the shortlisted authors gathered in a call, and we could ask live questions.

First, Rose Hall and Ruth Brocklehurst, the co-authors of 100 things to know about saving the planet were interviewed. They noted that they had written a series of books like this, and their main goal is to inspire and excite readers. It took them around 9 months to complete the books.

Next, Sofie Deen, the author of Agent Asha - Mission Shark Bite was interviewed, and she spoke about having a main character of different race, as she believes there are not enough female and non-white scientist role models for children.

After this, Stephanie Posavec and Miriam Quick, the co-authors of I am a book, I am a portal to the universe were interviewed, and they discussed how their book took as long as about two and a half years to complete, with Miriam writing and researching, and Stephanie designing the book.

Next, Michael Holland, the author of I ate sunshine for breakfast spoke about how he was inspired by reading other books, and the main role of the book was to express how every plant is different. After this, Robert Winston was interviewed about his book Inventors, he talked about how rapidly he wrote it.

Finally, author and astrophysicist Lisa Harvey- Smith discussed her 46 chapter-long book and talked about how she was inspired by her personal childhood experiences. Finally, the winner was announced as Miriam Quick’s and Stephanie Posavec’s book I am a book, I am a portal to the universe. This was such a great experience and it was good to be able to interact with the nominated authors.

Bethany, Year 9

You can see how we voted in the image below. 

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