A year 8 pupil's passion for paper folding has inspired a calming display in the school library. 

"I was teaching my friend how to make origami boats, when I thought it was make an awesome display for the library," said Sarah.

"My dad loves sailing so I thought the phrase 'Sail Away on a Reading Voyage' would look good."

Sarah's mum taught her how to make the boats, "I can make paper boxes, a frog and a duck too."

"I like to come to the library at break and lunchtimes as it is quiet and I can get on with my work."

Mrs Dearden, school Librarian, encouraged Sarah's idea, "I was really happy to do something along the reading voyage theme. You go on a journey when you read a book, it can take you away."

She is also keen for pupils and staff to get involved with the library, "This isn't my library, I'm a custodian of the library. I want pupils to feel this is their library and they can influence decisions. If any pupils, or staff, have any ideas for events or displays they would like to see in the library they must let me know."

"We have had some brilliant ideas, a pupil suggested the 'Book Swap' idea and now Sarah has suggested a display. I want to encourage participation."

The Book Swap takes place in the library at break and lunch on Tuesday 22nd and Wednesday 23rd May 2018. Pupils are welcome to bring books in up until that date and they will receive book swap tokens, which they can then exchange for a book at the Book Swap.