We are three weeks into the new term and already have lots of exciting activities planned for the Library this year. 

Mrs Dearden, school librarian, has been busy working with the school librarians and planning World Book Day, more details to be announced next week.

A group of pupils have also been chosen to read a local author's manuscript. He will be coming into school to listen to the pupils' feedback and comments later this term. This is a great opportunity for our keen readers to have exclusive access to new writing and learn about publication, giving feedback and reviewing a book. Plus they have the chance to meet an author, very inspiring! We will keep you posted on the outcome!

Two new displays have also gone up in the Library, including a colourful display of some of our year 11 pupils' artwork, the perfect antidote to the gloomy winter mornings.

Lots of our teachers and staff members adopted the Icelandic tradition of 'Jolabokaflod' over the festive period. We will update you on what they gave and received in subsequent blog updates and in the next edition of Communiqué. 

We are asking pupils to let Mrs Dearden know if they are interested in entering the BBC Young Writers' Award 2018, so if you have a budding young author at home please do encourage them to get involved.